Jade Garisch Studios, located in East London, South Africa is a new space for art, workshops, performances, discussions, projects and community events that opened officially in March 2021. The Studio is open to artists, educators, wellness practitioners and performers who want to create new projects that will enrich the East London community at large and whose vision is in line our manifesto. You can apply to collaborate with Jade Garisch Studios by emailing us at jadegarischstudios@gmail.com.

Currently our studio is home to a number of wellness classes, workshops and events including Pilates classes, yoga classes, theater classes, dance classes and sound meditations.

Additionally, we provide a space for private Sandawa meditations, private drama coaching and individual music lessons.

We also are the host to many monthly community events (when it is safe). One of these  includes a series of First Friday Events in collaboration with Exotic Marigold Boutique. These occasions are monthly happenings that include night time markets and performances. They provide food vendors, gift vendors, drink vendors and other small businesses with a platform through which they can sell their goods or showcase their art. Each First Friday also always includes a carefully curated line up of performances that are thought provoking and/or in tune with the theme of the evening.

In addition to First Fridays, we have also hosted East London’s Business Women Association (BWA) and other amazing community gatherings. Most recently, we hosted a poetry and popcorn evening for BWA that allowed a safe and fun space in which women could talk about updates in their businesses and projects.

Lastly, we are always open as a space for creative play and have hosted many rehearsals, workshops and meetings that have led to full scale projects, productions and business ventures.

 We are so proud to serve as a space in which ideas and community can grow, share and ultimately prosper.

Currently, our Studio consists of a large space with large windows, beautiful yet neutral laminate flooring, grey velvet black out curtains and one mirror wall. We have installed dimmable, atmospheric lighting that can be programmed to change colour, temperature and intensity through an app. Additionally, we are in the process of installing stage lights and a stage worthy sound system with a control panel into this room so that it can serve as either a studio space or a performance space.

Next to the main studio, we have a reasonably sized storage room used to house equipment for classes and sessions, as well as chairs, tables and decor for events.

Behind our storage room, we have a small, low-scale music studio. Currently, our studio is a space for smaller classes and workshops and we are in the process of setting it up as a recording studio for small, independent artists who want to record on a small scale.